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May you live a life in sync with the magnificence
of your own creation.

Personal and Professional Coaching Services for Individuals and Organizations

Love Yourself


Accepting New Clients January 2022

A spiritually focused, 1x1 coaching experience designed to support transformative + lasting change.  Where in your life have you struggled to create the "more" that has been calling you forward?  Click below to learn more.

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Inspiring women to release the constructs of worldly influence and dedicate their lives to their own creative genius.

Emily is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) focused on supporting individuals and organizations since 2013. Emily brings a unique passion and expertise in supporting humans to harness their creative power to experience all life is calling them do be, do and have through a spiritual (inner being) centered coach approach. Having coached hundreds of clients, both individually and in group experiences, in and outside of organizations, Emily and has a heart for helping people align with their own extraordinary guidance system to realize the fullness of their potential. Professionally, she has pioneered innovating a global coaching culture for a world leading fitness apparel brand over the last 6 years, and is dedicated to providing coaching services to underserved populations through the Women for Change movement. Emily resides in Dallas, TX and works with clients all over the world. 

*ICF accredited training includes Certifications through Co-Active Training Institute, Life Purpose Institute, Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy, Worldwide Neuro Linguistic Programming Institute and The Power of Presence Coach Training. 


The place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you.

From my tiny whispers to yours, I see you.

I sat on a plane in tears, with two lists scribbled on a napkin in front of me.  The first, what I want, and the other, what I have to do to get there.  The space in between was so narrow I felt I couldn't breathe. "You must break up, and move to San Francisco.  This is the only way." The tiny voice was so clear it took my breath away. 

I sat on my living room floor, saddened by the argument I had with a family member days before - I would be spending Christmas day alone in my one bedroom apartment. The book manuscript was done and I had been sending proposals for 8 months with no bite, let alone a response at all. As I debated going for a run, or binging on Netflix, an inner prompt arose from within out of no where: "Send it again, today" nudged.  That was the last proposal that would ever need to be sent.

I was the least experienced, the newbie to the group, my resume greener than everyone else.  When that year ended, I knew I had nothing to lose than to ask to stay on board - to keep connected to the project in any small way because it was my passion, maybe even my purpose.  "Just ask her, send a text", said the whisper. Little did I know, that little ask was about to change my world. 

It's about catching His rhythm.  When God whispers, you move.



Creation moves in one direction, and that is forward. You were born into this world with unique values, desires, and visions that are interwoven into the fibre of your being, and they are calling you forward into the most expansive life possible for your unique and purposeful time on earth.  Your work in coaching will be focused on learning to harness your power as a deliberate creator. You will learn about the creative process, and my goal is that you will shed (likely unconscious) destructive patterns that keep you from experiencing the fullness of your potential.  We will look deeply at your desires,  re-focus and calibrate towards those desires, and implement spirit inspired strategies that make the journey exhilarating and fun. Whether in leadership, relationships, health & well being, spirituality, or life design; the process is the same. Who you are becoming, and what it is you feel called to do, is extraordinary and on purpose.  The most exciting part, God doesn't work the way the world does. Coaching will help you tap into the wisdom within, accelerating new awareness and pathways.  On your way to where you know you're meant to go - always remember the path is narrow:  you can't change the world by trying to be like it. 

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All faiths & spirituality welcome

I believe in God, and the universe, and a higher power that lives within us all.  I am inspired by Jesus, Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Eckhart Tolle and other new thought leaders that help me find fresh access points to the cornerstone of my faith. I believe in the higher spirit that calls each of us into the unknown, requiring us to choose faith again and again as we take steps toward what we cannot deny - our own extraordinary, purposeful journey.


At the heart of coaching, my role is to help you uncover the unique desires that make you, you. From this place, we will look ahead to a point in the future and set a bold vision that honors the deepest parts of you -  and one that also requires faith + courage to live into. Your vision should inspire you, you were called into this world to expand.


Discernment of your emotions will tell you whether you are harnessing your creative power in service of what you want, or what you don't want. As your coach, my job is to listen and to highlight where fear is working to keep you bound, and prevent you from taking steps toward the life you are yearning to live. Through understanding your values, and listening to your inner knowing through the sacred space of coaching, you will step towards risk and fear in service of your full potential.


Coaching is about seeing something you can't unsee, and then, with fresh new awareness, taking purposeful steps to create the extraordinary life that is calling you forward. Your action plan should never feel like a "have to".  When we invite God in, He'll amaze us as He asks you to take radical steps that won't make sense to people. Steps that don't seem linear, and that require you to let go of what others think. Steps that challenge you to let go of the "likelihood" of what the structures of this world say are right, wrong, and how you "should" do it. Steps that are founded in a spiritual trust unmatched by the promises of this world.  I am here to hold you accountable to these steps. 


"Emily is a patient and giving coach.  Through her coaching she enabled me to realize what step I wanted to take next in my life. She enabled me to look clearly at my life and decide what I wanted for me, rather than what I thought I “should” do. She gave me tools and took me through exercises that helped me realize what my values truly are, and that I wasn’t making decisions that were in line with them. Her endless curiosity and grace is what made her an incredible coach to me.  She helped me see the life I have been dreaming of, and enabled me to take the actions needed to create that life."

Chelsey Wyer



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Basic Packages

(3) 1 hour sessions - $450

(6) 1 hour sessions - $825

*In addition to the number of sessions listed, each package includes a 45 minute discovery session prior to kicking off. 


New Year Coaching Package

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Emily had no agenda other than what was most important for me. Through her coaching, I unlocked where I was investing time and energy in places that weren't living into my values. Through this new awareness, I was able to shift how I show up in my relationship, my work, and my business that led to a tremendous new level of balance, impact and fulfillment. I'm extremely grateful for her generosity.

Jordan Vaughn


Global coaching sessions available by video connect.

Serving locally in the Dallas, TX area.

If you would like to book an intro session, or full New Year Coaching Package, please send me a message here.

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