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This coaching experience is for you if have been struggling to create change in an area of your life where you desire something more, and, you are ready to explore a spiritual (internally focused) approach to the process. In our work together, you will release "effort" and "trying", and surrender to an emotional process to create lasting change, confidence, well being, and the allowing of what you desire most.

Relationships, Career, Health/Well Being, Overall Life Design, Material Desires, Personal Fulfillment, State of Being, etc... all areas of life are welcome. 

Our work together will span 4-6 months.

- (6), 50 minute, 1x1 Coaching Sessions to be held once every 2-3 weeks.

- (4) 30 minute "at need" sessions to support you as you go.

- Specific tools + challenges will be incorporated throughout the process. 

About the Coaching Experience:

You do not need your circumstances to change. Stand right where you are, and create an environment conducive to that which you desire, and watch in awe at your ability to create. Creation is at the center of the human experience.  You cannot cease to be drawn towards a more expansive, fulfilling version of your life.  

Through 1x1 coaching, you will learn about the creative process holding your unique desires at the core of our work together.   You will start using tools that will begin reconstructing your view of how to create, and offer leading edge, spiritually focused, guidance on how to re-engage with your life in a way that is in alignment with what you are wanting.

This series is inspired by the work of Abraham Hicks. Credit to one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our lifetime.

Before Signing Up: 

Ensure you are YES to the following statements before securing your spot.

- You have identified an area of life that you seek to create a more expansive, fulfilled experience.

- You are eager to include your inner being (source of spiritual center).  We all refer to this source in different terms. (God, Universe, Source, Love, etc.) 

- You understand that the concepts covered may be contrary to worldly (commonplace) advice about how to create what you want. The exercises you take on may feel counterintuitive, and you are willing to explore a spiritual/mental (rather than action based) approach to create more of what you want.

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Single intro session:

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*Venmo and Paypal accepted as forms of payment.

 I can't wait to connect and begin this life changing work with you.