We set goals that require faith to achieve and are not possible by our own ability. We unashamedly dare to set goals that would leave the world saying,

"who do you think you are?"

how god goals


A goal setting program designed to create breakthrough as you discover & align your life with all God has called you to be, do and have.

Program core values are the heart and soul of all experiences, and coaching methods.

how god goals


Group workshops designed for events, corporations, & non profits.

Experience length of time can be customized based on specific needs.  


Dive into all five goal setting values & break into possibility. This workshop is inclusive of all five core value experiences below.

howgodgoals FAITH

 We set goals that require faith to achieve and are not possible by our own ability. We unashamedly dare to set goals that would leave the world saying "who do you think you are?” In this workshop you will set goals from the answer to this core question: If I were to increase my perspective on what is possible by 50%, what would it look like?

howgodgoals VISION

In partnership with God, we create a vision for our lives, and a vision for each individual goal. When we experience a lack of creativity & direction, we seek to realign our plans with a vision inspired by God. In this workshop, you will step into the extraordinary possibilities of the future through this lense: Identify an area of my life that lacks vision, inspiration, or is not bearing fruit. If all things were possible, what would that area of my life look like?

howgodgoals COURAGE

 We expose and confront fear quickly and honestly.  We recognize that fear does not come from God, but an apposing force that is working to minimize our fullest potential. This experience will expose the fear that is creating a block, and dig into practical ways you can move past fear towards your goals. The core question we will answer is: Where is fear blocking forward momentfum in your life?


howgodgoals CREATIVITY

We celebrate that God has unique, vibrant, and differentiated plans for each individual. He is infinitely creative, and gave us desires, interests, talents & experiences on purpose. He knew the plans He had for you before you were born. You will cut through comparison, fear, and confusion by identifying the answer to this core question: Who did God create me to be for the world?

howgodgoals LOVE

Love is at the center of every goal, action, failure, and success. In gratitude, we boldly seek Gods plan, knowing that we are human and imperfect through and through. Through forgiveness and self love, we create to from a place of limitless opportunity. 

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